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My first Blog....Yikes!

· Art Education

I have never been able to keep a diary.... so it is a really challenging thought to embark on a blogging journey. Today, I decided to just START and see where it takes me. I can always go in and delete this section from my web site...Right?? I decided to start with only two sections: Art Education and Art & Artists, with my first "Blog" related to Art Education.


This year I am committed to making sure my students USE their sketchbooks. I want them to use their sketchbooks to plan their ideas. To work out problems with media and subject matter for various assignments. With Art I, I am prepared for it to be a process, with AP I am prepared to touch base with the students more frequently to make sure that the planning process is happening, and with the Art II/II levels in between, I am prepared to provide assignments that incorporate sketchbook planning. My first step was to provide students with lovely hardbound sketchbooks and an ice breaker activity to help them get over the "white page" syndrome. This activity involved a list of about 20 prompts that required them to add color, shading or other surface preps on several pages in their sketchbook with the understanding that they will go in and work on the pages later.

My sketchbook is a witness of what I am experiencing, scribbling things whenever they happen. - Vincent Van Gogh

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