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During the Flood

Inspired by Margaret Atwood

So the Corona Virus has brought to mind several books by Margaret Atwood, one in particular, After the Flood.....Her depictions of a dystopian society following the waterless flood are eerily similar to our own Corona Virus. Right now, we are in the midst of the "Waterless Flood" and how we choose to deal with it will no doubt impact our future. As of late, I have had time to keep up with my regular (and quite frankly absolutely necessary) daily 3 mile walks, practice Yoga, and still have time to work on virtual lesson planning. Not only that, but I have also finally had time to update my website. I am not at all sure how all of this will play out... none of us are, but right now, I am choosing to embrace the gift of time to do a few things that I have put on a back burner.